My challenge for ya :)

After talking with some Catholics today about faith in the workplace, I realized how strange and uncomfortable it can be for some people to talk about their faith with coworkers. Are you in that situation? Do you feel that you should share your faith?

Talking about my faith in the workplace is pretty easy because I work for a Catholic company where we get to pray and talk about faith all day long 🙂

However, even though it may be easier for me to talk about my faith at work, I want to challenge you to bring faith into your workplace. We need MORE faith in the workplace not less.

I don’t mean having awkward conversations about faith that come out of nowhere or being pushy, but rather be loving and joyful, and learn to actively listen to your coworkers and work in comments that are meant to get them thinking deeper about life.

You will know when to take the conversation deeper, and if not ask those around you who share your faith or send me a message!

As one writer put it, “Putting God first and blending your faith with every aspect of your life will promote balance and peace, and help you forge a deeper relationship with God. Of course, this is a challenge that takes time and effort.”

So the conversation may not happen tomorrow or this week or it may happen first thing tomorrow morning, that i cannot tell you. But I do know that sharing your faith with others will grow your faith and help better the world around you.

Show others your joy, genuineness, and caring personality and they will understand what being Catholic means.

And now I will leave you with some advice from Mother Teresa, ““Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Buona notte!



Roma in a week!

Little over a month ago, I was given the tremendous opportunity to accompany the American Chesterton Society and Chesterton Academy students on their March 2013 pilgrimage to Rome. Thankfully I had a passport, otherwise I may not have been able to take an international trip on this short of notice 🙂

Time has flown by, as I’m sure you all can relate to, so now in just one week I will be traveling to Italy! The pilgrimage is going to follow G.K. Chesterton’s footsteps through Rome! During the trip, we will visit the four major Basilicas, the Catacombs, the Roman Forum, and the Coliseum. We’ll take a day trip to Assisi, home of St. Francis and St. Clare, and we’ll attend daily Mass at the Lenten station churches, a tradition going back at least 15 centuries (more information at:

Also in addition to the site-seeing (which I will provide pictures of), we will be hearing daily reflections on topics from, “Chesterton and the Papacy” to “Chesterton and Our Lady”. To top it off, we’ll enjoy a one-day international Chesterton Conference with speakers from all over the world.

For me I can’t wait to hear all of the talks, see the beautiful churches, chapels, landscapes, etc., and to pray in all of these splendid places. Eight years ago, my parents gave me a gift of a trip to Rome. I saw all of these sights then, so now I’m ready to go back and just soak in the physical and spiritual beauty of it all.

If you’re reading this, please pray for our safe travels and safety in Italy, as well as continued prayers for our Cardinals and future Vicar of Christ.

Be assured that I will be praying for you all over in Italy.

Until Next Time,


The Rules of the “life”

As Catholics, and especially as young adults practicing and trying to live out our faith, we often come across the phrase, I feel like the Catholic faith is limiting my fun and restricting what we can and cannot do. I have a right to have a religion, but also live a fun life- without a religion telling me what to do all the time- right?


We were put on this earth for one purpose: to one day attain the beatific vision and be with God in Heaven. This may seem irrelevant when it’s 7pm on a Friday night and our friends are beginning to pre-game for the night’s festivities, but this is when our choices really do matter and can lead us down drastically different paths.

The wide or the narrow path?!

Several months ago, I came across a guy in a bar who approached me and began conversation. After going to the bar to get some water (I was the DD), I was hoping he would forget about our conversation and move on to another person. However, he was still there standing by my friend when I returned, and he began to talk with me again, asking the same questions we had just talked about! Unbelievable I thought 🙂

During that conversation the topic shifted to my job, which at the time I was with a Catholic marketing/ PR company. Once he heard Catholic that consumed the remainder of the conversation.

At first it was a civil conversation, and he proceeded to tell me that he grew up catholic and his grandparents were staunch Catholics, but he no longer practiced. I engaged him on his faith a bit, but the conversation soon took a turn for the worse. He flat-out told me that he believed religion preyed on the weak, and that it really handcuffed individuals, keeping them from really living. I don’t believe I need to tell the rest of the story because I’m sure many of you have run into a conversation like this before.

The reason I share this story with you is to offer some guidance on this topic. Whether you sometimes feel like our Catholic faith restricts us having fun in life, or if you have friends/ acquaintances that constantly bring this topic up, consider this thought.

Can you imagine playing football, soccer, basketball, or for that matter any sport without out-of-bounds lines and rules/ restrictions on what players can and cannot do? Football without the end zones and sidelines would not be the same fun game, which a majority of the US tunes into on Sundays during the fall and winter. Who would have watched the Superbowl yesterday if there were no end zones which determine a touchdown?!

The point of the game would be lost, because without sidelines a player could just make up rules and determine where he wants to run; there would not be a point to the game.

So now apply that same principle to religion. God gave us rules and commandments to follow, in order to play in the game of life. No one more than God our Father wants us to succeed and have as much fun and joy as we can in our life on earth. He does not give us these laws to stymie our fun or make us miserable. Try adjusting your frame of mind, and see it as God- our loving father- gave us these guidelines to live a successful, happy and holy life.

God Bless