Pope Francis is a Stud (with all respect)!

Picture from where I was standing in St. Peter’s Square before Pope Francis’ Installation Mass | March 19, 2013.

Pope Francis has one of the busiest and most important jobs in the world, yet he still manages to personally call members of his Church 🙂 When was the last time you picked up the phone to chat with a good friend, or better yet to set a time to hangout? I hope the answer is this week, if not think about changing that!

Pope Francis has now called several people! Click here to read the most recent article about this on HuffPost Religion.

And that my friends is how you show love and win hearts of people. Facebook postings, tweets, text messages, etc. are nice occasionally but do not compare to a nice chat with friends and/ or family on the phone or in person.

We are in one of the most technologically dense societies ever, yet has this technology brought humans closer on a friend level?

Make it your goal to spend some quality time with family and friends this week leading into the long weekend celebrating Labor Day. Is there anything better than an intellectually stimulating conversation with loved ones, including God?!

Happy Labor Day everyone!



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