Trials and God-sends

First of all, I want to encourage those reading this blog to pray for me, and those in my life who all have shared with me their trials that are happening as you read this. Believe me there is a lot of suffering going on in many peoples’ lives. I have to say how my family and friends are dealing with these trials is inspiring to me.

“Our Lord never permits us to experience a time of trial unless he intends it to bring more abundant graces once it is over”

-Word Among Us Meditation, August 2013

I had to share this quote with you, because first I have been reflecting upon it a lot these last few weeks, and second because I have actually sent it to some people via texts because it’s so good, so I also wanted to share it with you.

Personally my family has also had some more-than-usual suffering in the last month, which has lead us all to re-examine the beauty and awesomeness of Faith and life 🙂

Sometimes as humans we don’t miss something until it is gone and taken from us. As Catholics, Christians, Americans, Germans,  Jews, Lutherans, etc. we need to take time each and EVERY day to appreciate and be thankful for what we have. Life is too short to take things/ people for granted! Plus that is just another form of selfishness, which needs to be weeded out.

My challenge to you today: Thank someone out of the blue for something, it can be anything. Thank your significant other for being awesome, thank your child for listening well today, thank your co-worker for being diligent and finishing the task they were assigned, thank a friend for being there for you through the thick and thin, thank God for life 🙂

The God-sends in my life have been my Faith and friends/ family. I have seen their suffering, but not because they were complaining or looking sullen, but rather because they wanted to share with me what was going on in their life. One day we will hopefully see how proud God was of how we handled suffering on this earth.

God Bless yoU!



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